ASC Göttingen von 1846 e.V.
Danziger Str. 21
37083 Göttingen

Tel (0551) 517 46 45
Fax (0551) 517 46 47
General principle

The ASC Göttingen of 1846 e. V. is a modern large sports club that draws its strength from the interplay of tradition and perspective and is oriented towards its members.

Formed by intergenerational thinking and acting, education and support through sport are of particular importance, especially for children and young people.

As a popular sports club, it opens itself with its offers to all social groups (inclusive) who feel committed to its values and goals.

In order to realize its sporting and cultural goals, as well as the idea of sport and the environment, the association also has its own sports and meeting facilities.

As a popular sports club, it is its task to promote competitive, top-class, recreational and health sports on an equal footing within the bounds of given possibilities.

The club does not pay any sportsmen and women and does not engage in sports which contradict the idea of promoting health through sport.

  • 9,000 members
  • 50,000 sports lessons per year
  • more than 400 volunteer executives, trainer and helpers
  • Employer, training company
  • Sponsor for voluntary services in sport
  • Club-owned sports facilities
  • Daycare centers for children with a focus on movement, environmental and language concept
  • Physiotherapy, health sports, fitness studio
  • Cooperation partner in school sports

Whoever wants to visit the clubhouse of the ASC Göttingen from 1846 e. V. soon recognizes the positive symbiosis of tradition and perspective. Next to the “Old Flag of the Goettingen Gymnastics Community” from 1849 hangs the logo of ASC 46, which has served as the club’s business card since the last major merger in 1980. At that time, the gymnastics community of Göttingen and the SSC Göttingen came together to form a large club. Today the ASC 46 with its 9,000 members is one of the largest associations in Germany and is prepared for the future with its diversity and quality in its offerings as well as its modern structure of honorary and main office.

Sport and exercise continue to be at the heart of the wide range of activities on offer, which is intended to appeal to all age groups and populations at the same time, from infants to senior citizens. Above all in the club’s own sports facilities, this generation-spanning, wide-ranging sports-oriented orientation of the club can be recognized. In addition to the children in our nurseries, senior citizens find social contact in chair gymnastics, health sports and board games, which also makes old age worth living in. In the volunteer services, young people are introduced to voluntary involvement in sport for one year and trained as trainers or club managers.

ASC Göttingen von 1846 e.V.
37083 Göttingen

Tel (0551) 517 46 45
Fax (0551) 517 46 47


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